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Unique Window Hardware from Everyday Objects
by: Pamela Cole Harris
If you want sometime more unique than a curtain rod to hang your
window treatments (you are my kinda woman! Or man!), there are
many everyday household items you can use instead. Make your own
wonderful and unusual window hardware with:

1. Coat hooks. Brass or metal coat hooks can be attached above
your window to hold curtain panels. Attach curtain rings or
fabric ties to the top of the curtains and place over the
hooks. Decorative touches such as bows or silk flowers can
also be attached to the hooks for a finishing touch. Just
make sure you have a couple of extra hooks to hang your
coat on!

2. Glass or brass door knobs. Scour antique shops or thrift
stores for old doorknobs (It doesn't matter if they are
mismatched!) Attach them above the window. Tie curtains to
the knobs with fabric ties. (This idea is also great for a
coat rack - just in case you used all the coat hooks for
your curtains! Just attach the knobs to a nice sanded,
stained, and sealed wooden base, and hang on the wall near
your door!)

3. Spoons. Have you ever bought spoons or forks which bent while
trying to eat ice cream? Well, here is your chance to use
those misshapen tools. Bend the utensils in the shape of a
hook! They will make great hardware for kitchen curtains!

4. Cup hooks. Plain cup hooks painted a bright color can also
be used. As with the coat hooks, simply attach curtain rings
or fabric ties to the curtains and slip over the cup hooks!
They look great and they are very inexpensive!

5. If you are a horse lover or have a rustic home, why not try
horseshoes? Attach to the wall with a horseshoeing nail
(anyone know what those are called?) and use the nail to
hold the curtains rings. You can also use the horseshoes
as tiebacks!

6. Clothespins. How about trying old-fashioned clothespins?
Simply attach the top of the curtain to a cord or thin rod
across the top of the window. Paint the pins with colorful
acrylic paints or leave the wood natural.

Just look around your kitchen or bathroom for dozens of items
you can use for hardware. Be creative, but I would draw the
line if the males in your family suggest holding up the curtains
with knives! Or staples! Or darts! After all, a woman has her
standards, doesn't she? Hmmmm... How about holding them up with
5* stiletto heels attached to the wall! They have to be good
for something!

About the author:
Pamela Cole Harris has been a writer and decorator for
thirty-five years (YIKES! Has it been that long?). She is the
author of

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